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As I was preparing to type the title of this post, “Preparing for Hibernation”, I had the distinct sense that I’d experienced that exact moment before. I haven’t had a deja vu in a long time, which tells me my brain chemicals are slightly off. But just in case there is some physic element to deja vu, I’m flipping it the bird by changing the name of my post. (Holy cow, I just had another deja vu. I seriously think I need to rest. But I’m going to keep typing this anyway.) Where was I?

Oh yeah, I was flipping deja vu the bird and while flipping the bird, I had another deja vu. That kinda backfired, didn’t it?

goLiteGoing back to the original post title, it’s still summer, but nevertheless, because of the shortening days, this time of year always makes me feel slightly melancholy about the increasing absence of the sun. I always snap out of it, one way or another, sometimes by hibernating under the covers and humming until the winter solstice. But this year, I’m going to be more proactive. I’ve dusted off my goLite Blu, and I plan to start using it for a short stint in the dark September morning hours.

There’s a slight catch. I have no adapter. I can’t plug the thing in, which means I can’t turn it on.

I’m pretty sure I know what happened to the adapter. Last summer in a sun-induced mania, I cleaned the back bedroom, which included a thorough cleaning of the nightstand drawers.

Is it just me, or does anyone else ever feel their house is being overrun by dusty computer cords? Someone should make a horror film about dusty, out-of-date electronic cords and adapters. They are truly a menace, and yet our lives are so dependent on them.

There’s something about throwing away an old adapter. It might be covered in 2 centimeters of dust, but I might need it someday. And all those cables for my old Windows 3.x computer? They might come in handy some day. They are such utilitarian objects, electronic cords and cables, that it seems against logic and reason to throw them away.

Nevertheless, while cleaning the back bedroom that day, I was in a rebellious mood. If I didn’t know what the cord or adapter was for, I was tossed it. (I was pretty sure they were all for the cassette recorder my parents bought me in 1985 anyway.)

Oops. Turns out one of those adapters was an exclusive 9V plug-in for my Philips goLite.

Today, I bought myself a replacement adapter, finally. I was going to buy one last year, but seriously, laying down 20 bucks these days is a significant act for me, which at times is very difficult to justify. Last year, for whatever reason, I couldn’t justify it. But this year I can. Very much so.

In a few days, my happy light will be back in working order, and I will humming in front of it in the mornings instead of under the covers. Hopefully.

Squirrels store away nuts. I store away serotonin. It’s gotta last me until next April.