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10. Computer languages don’t contain adverbs so you are free to use them as much or as little as you like.

9. Computer languages don’t contain arbitrary grammar rules. “i” always comes before “e” unless enclosed within a conditional IF/THEN statement.

8. ONE line of code has ONE and only ONE interpretation.

7. Computers don’t call you stupid to your face, they just make you feel stupid. (Wait. That belongs on another list.)

6. Computers don’t care if you are wordy or terse.

5. Computers don’t care how many times a week you blog.

4. Computers only care about one thing: Does the code work?

3. If the code works, humans think you’re cool. (As long as the code works fast enough.)

2. The more confusing and cryptic, the more money you make.

1. You don’t have to wait to be published for a computer to read your writing.