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Squirrels won’t have sharp claws and pointy teeth. If they do, they won’t use them to scratch or bite.

I’ll be able to give a bear a bear hug without being mauled.

Tigers will make great pets.

Lions will make great napping partners.

My beloved pets won’t die.

Cat doody won’t stink. Well. It might, but cats will be able to be indoor/outdoor without fear of getting hit by a car or eaten by a coyote. They will do their business in nature.

Voles won’t eat my baby cucumbers. (Will they?)

I’ll have time to plant a garden.

Mosquitoes won’t bite. (I don’t think so, anyway.)

Swimming with sharks will be as fun as swimming with dolphins.

I’ll have time to swim.

I’ll have the time and the means to visit tropical beaches.

Sugar alcohols won’t give me headaches. Or there will be no need for sugar alcohols. Fresh pineapple from the tree will suffice.

Experimental monkey helpers won’t torture their quadriplegic masters.

There will be no quadriplegics.

And last but certainly not least…

I will have that pet skunk I’ve always wanted.

(Well, that’s still an earthly possibility. Don’t tell hubs.)

What are you looking forward to?


photo credit: Steve took it via photo pin cc

photo credit: fieldsbh via photo pin cc