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ApeRecently, I took a blogging hiatus because I didn’t have time to read blogs. If I didn’t have time to read blogs, I reasoned, why should I expect anyone to read mine? This question still lingers in my mind, but I’ve decided to give it another go anyway. I’ve also decided to alter my approach, catering to lazy readers, like me.

Rule Number 1: Write What Lazy Readers Read

I don’t have the mental energy to ingest lengthly blog posts on a regular basis. If I do, it’s because I’m in research mode and I’ve already invested the mental energy to the specific task of reading lengthly informative blog posts.

When it comes to author blogs (fiction author blogs specifically), I’m not likely to regularly follow someone who regularly writes novels in the form of blog posts. I’m interested, but then again, I’m not. The only reason I am not interested, is time constraints.

Here comes my confession: I have succumbed to sound bite culture.

I consume my information in bites. Small bites. I skim the top of content for tasty bits, only diving deep when I spot a school of Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares. (And lately, I’m even trying to avoid those.)

Rule Number 2: Skimmable Content is Key

If you want to hook me, make sure your blog post is skimmable. And keep in mind, I’m quick. I can ingest the lifetime knowledge of an ape’s brain in 10 seconds, no joke. Sound bite media has trained me well, and while I would like to revert to the good old days of savoring knowledge like I savor my Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares, let’s be real: it’s not gonna to happen. In fact, it’s going to get worse.


Rule Number 3: Don’t Use Too Many Words

If you do, I’ll likely click on. It’s true.


Rule Number 4: Don’t Expect Me to Stick Around for Long

‘Cause I have the attention span of a toddler on expresso.

In short…


Make Your Point

Make It Quick

And Make It Stick.

Until next time.

Your Lazy Reader,