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bowserWhy the title? It makes about as much sense as this video (for obscure title reference see: 4 min 30 secs in), but thankfully I’m not subjecting you to some of the other songs that have been stuck in my head this week. Hint:

I’ve had a lot going on lately. Safe to say, I’ve been neglecting blogging.

I think I’m rebelling too. Against who or what, I don’t know, but I’m definitely adept at ‘rebelling’ even when no one is telling me what to do. It’s a character flaw. I’m working on it.

I suppose I’m rebelling against the ‘experts’ who say I need to blog 2-3 times a week in order to gain a following. With the recent release of my short story collection, it’s possible that I subconsciously *disconnected* from social media, simply in an effort to prove the ‘experts’ wrong.

“You say I need to prostitute myself on social media, eh? Well I’ll show you. I’ll make them come to me.”

Heh. How’s that working out for you, Jessica?

Not too well.

To reiterate the first sentiment of this post; however, I am very busy and that plays into it as well. Just when I know I should write a clever/witty/fun blog post or Facebook status update, my brain turns to ‘Duh’. To prove I am not just making up excuses, I’ll list some of my recent activities.

I published my first book.

As already mentioned above, I release my first book, Moon Dust Castles (and other shorts) a couple weeks ago. After a brief period of euphoria, I began fretting about my next release, which is due out in November.

I put on my PR hat.

You can see the press release announcing my company, Common Oddities LLC, here.

My husband and I are creative people with diverse skills and we are at a place in our lives where feel ready to market those skills to the public. My husband is a woodworker/graphic designer/illustrator. I’m a writer, among other things. Rather than maintain taxes for two entities, we created Common Oddities LLC, under which we will “do business as” Provision Books and OddMrT.

I guest-hosted on Feedblitz.

If you missed it last Wednesday, check it out here.

I changed my pen name.

In order to avoid confusion with a Jessica Thomas who hit the market with her books before me, I’ve changed my pen name to Jessica E. Thomas. I’ll fix my blog header soon… I think.

I started a Speculative Fiction ezine.

With the extra time I had laying around, I figured, “Why not start a Speculative Fiction ezine?” Ezines are thriving these days, right? Er… Does it even matter? Nah. Not really. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Last week, I focused my editorial and proofitorial energies toward making the first release of Provision Books Online Journal shine. It’s due out NEXT WEEK, and it’s gonna be fun so I hope you’ll check it out.

I changed the name of my ezine.

Blasted fickleness! Having decided that “Provision Books Online Journal” was a lame title, the creative forces behind Common Oddities LLC decided to change it.

The new name is…

The Common Oddities Speculative Fiction Sideshow

I will be updating the Provision Books website to reflect the new name soon… I think. A devoted URL is also in the works as well… I think.

There’s more

I just can’t talk about it yet. But I will. Soon. That’s a definite.


I’m upping my posts to twice a week here, targeting Mondays and Thursdays.

See ya Thursday!