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Last week I talked a little about Star Trek and humanism. While writing the post, I came upon some . . . um . . . interesting information about where Gene Roddenberry got his ideas for the series.  Warning: this is weird.

There’s a book called The Only Planet of Choice by a woman named Phyllis Something-or-other. In her website for the book, she provides some background. (I’m not linking to her site. If you want, you can google to find it.)

Did you know that Gene Roddenberry researched background material for his Star Trek series with a distinguished international group, using a medium?

This group was comprised of scientists, doctors, teachers, ambassadors, athletes, and film-makers from several countries. The medium is Phyllis V. Schlemmer who currently lives in Florida and is an internationally known psychic/healer of unusual ability. (See Author Bio). She was a colleague of Dr. Andrija Puharich who recognized The Nine Universal Beings who came through her when Phyllis was in a trance.

The Nine are a group of wise universal beings. When Roddenberry asked where The Nine came from their answer was, “the zone you call cold in Deep Space”. Sound familiar? “Deep Space Nine” became a hugely popular television sequel to “Star Trek”.

I tried to do some cross-checking to find out if the above is indeed true or if this woman is just trying to make a buck off the Roddenberry name. It seems there is some validity to the statements; however, the more I researched, the weirder it got and I had to quit. (Google “Ashtar Command”. I dare you.)

How deep was Roddenberry involved in the “Council of Nine”? Was he an atheist, an agnostic, a humanist, or an occultist? I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to know. Regardless, the warning still stands. Christians, be on guard.  Watch Star Trek with caution.