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Sortable and Exportable List of Mineral Foundation Cosmetic Brands

As a melasma sufferer, I enjoy using mineral foundations. The minerals seem to deflect the light and take the focus off my dark spots. I also like to discover new companies and great products, so I sat down with my friend Google one night and compiled a list of companies that offer mineral foundation. I mainly included companies that focus on mineral makeup, but there may be a few companies in the list that offer a single mineral foundation along with other offerings.

This list is not exhaustive. I went about 30 pages deep into the Google search and logged every company that I found. Therefore, I know there are others out there that I missed. (I also focused primarily on U.S. companies.) If you know of a company that I missed, let me know in the comments and I will update the list. Also, if you own or are part of a company that is not listed, please let me know!

If the company offers samples, I entered an ‘X’ in the Samples column. If the site required me to dig to find sample offers, I probably missed it. I looked for sample offers that were obvious and easily identifiable. (I don’t want to work that hard to find free…or reduced price…stuff.)

I hope you find this list useful! I know I will be ordering samples soon!

Rejuva Minerals
Sally B's Skin Yummies
Mineral Fusion foundation available.
Coastal Classic Creations
Daisy Blue Naturals
Maia's Mineral Galaxyhttps://www.maiasminerals.comCream foundation available.
Omianahttps://www.omiana.comXLiquid foundation avaiable.
Au Naturalehttps://www.aunaturalecosmetics.comXCream foundation available.
Crunchihttps://crunchi.comLiquid foundation avaiable.
Ecco Bellahttps://www.eccobella.comLiquid foundation avaiable.
INIKA Organics
Healing Scentshttp://healingscents.comX
Living Naturehttps://www.livingnature.comNew Zealand based.
Afterglow Cosmetics
Eleve Cosmetics foundation available.
Erin's Faceshttps://erinsfaces.comXLiquid foundation available.
Olga's Organicshttps://www.olgasorganics.comMineral eyeshadows
Physicians Formula
ZAO Organic Makeuphttps://www.zaoorganicmakeup.comX
BLAC Minerals Cosmeticshttps://www.blacminerals.comX
Mommy Makeuphttps://www.mommymakeup.comPressed powder
Prestige Cosmetics
W3ll People
Manna Kadar
Bare Minerals
Katie B Cosmetics
Mad Mineralshttp://madminerals.comX
Faerie Organicshttps://www.faerieorganic.comX
Sheer Cover
Everyday Mineralshttps://www.everydayminerals.comX
Meow Cosmetics
Mineral Hygenics
Lily Lolo
Alima Pure
Affordable Mineral Makeup
Bella Terra Cosmetics
Joppa Minerals
Blend Minerals Cosmetics
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics
Southern Magnolia Cosmetics
Ultra Pure Cosmetics
Kari Gran
J Lynne
Simple Beauty Minerals
Concrete Minerals
Unique Cosmetics
LA Mineralshttps://laminerals.comX
Roothttps://www.rootpretty.comXTry foundation for free
Derm Mineral
Mica Beauty Cosmetics
Just Pure Mineralshttps://justpureminerals.comX
Ageless Derma
IQ Natural
Naked Minerals
MG Naturals
Signature Mineralshttps://www.signatureminerals.comX
Plain Jane Beautyhttps://plainjanebeauty.netX
SunCat Natural Mineral Makeup