I’ve been busy typing away for over a year, ever since I had the seed idea for a Romantic Comedy series last July. I have two completed manuscripts as a result, and I’m excited to announce Common Oddities will be releasing Book 1 in the series during January of 2023.

Odd Mr. T created a gorgeous cover. In a few weeks, we’ll release the full cover and the blurb. Until then, here’s a series teaser:

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia where the temperatures are hot and the romances are sweet (with a hint of spice)!

Briana Davis, businesswoman and entrepreneur extraordinaire, is rolling out a new dating website, Blind Chance Romance, and there’s a twist: the app’s AI, aptly named Cupid, chooses your match for you.

Dive into this six-book series to see what shenanigans ensue when Savannah’s best and brightest dare to Take a Chance on Romance. Coming to Amazon in 2023!