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Jouer Essential High Coverage Foundation Review

I discovered Jouer Essential High Coverage foundation thanks to Youtuber Golden Roses, and her review. Since I suffer from melasma/hyperpigmentation, I was curious to discover if this foundation could cover the flaws on my “mature” skin. (I have to laugh whenever I say that…I don’t feel mature, but I’m pushing my mid-forties, so I guess that puts me in the mature category!)

As I explain in the videos below, unfortunately this foundation didn’t work for me. It greatly emphasized my large pores, fine lines, and basically every flaw on my face! Not only that, it was hard to blend, and according to my husband looked “heavy”. I’m not the type that enjoys looking like I have a full mask of makeup on. I’d rather fool onlookers into believing I’m not wearing any at all!

However, if you have young skin, few lines and wrinkles, and are normal (versus oily or dry), you may have better luck with that foundation. It’s worth a shot. Samples are available from their website, and you pay only the cost of shipping. So, you can try it out before you commit your money to the product. I call that a win-win.

For my detailed thoughts on the foundation, check out my two part review below!

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