Science Fiction

Raised on a steady diet of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, I can’t help but dream in science fiction.

Women's Fiction

Even when romance isn’t central to my stories, love always seems to find a way.

Children's Fiction

My children have rich imaginations, which takes some of the weight off of me.


I wrote my first poetry book when I was eight years old and gave it to my second grade teacher, Mrs. Weed.

Science Fiction
This Quiet Tyranny Cover
This Quiet Tyranny

In a dystopian near-future, Laine Sutton struggles to survive on her monthly Portion. When a stranger offers to help, her life begins to change. But can she trust him?

Moon Dust Castles Cover
Moon Dust Castles

Imbued with a fresh lack of profundity and doused in satire, these short stories will gently offend end-times prophesiers, fantasy groupies, and anyone who thinks humans actually have a clue.

Women's Fiction
Running Backwards Cover
Running Backward

Dulcie Brannam’s marriage is challenged when her ex-boyfriend arrives at her house for a weeklong stay.

Sweet Hearts Cover
Sweet Hearts

When LJ Masters runs into her ex-boyfriend at a company Valentine’s Day function, her love life spins out of control.

Ignited Hearts Cover
Ignited Hearts

During a Fourth of July lake cottage getaway with her boyfriend, Liberty Dawn Hawkins finds unexpected love.

Kindled Hearts
Kindled Hearts

Newly divorced, Claire Farmer isn’t looking for a Christmas romance, but a chance encounter in an icy parking lot might change her plans.

Children's Fiction
Ike and the Giant Burrito Cover
Ike and the Giant Burrito

When Ike’s bedroom goes dark, the giants come out. Giants of the culinary kind!

Dereconstruction Cover

A young woman unconventionally documents her journey to faith via free verse poetry.