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My mind is quiet. I’d call this a good development in light of last week’s post.

After a long and rigorous period of thinking, analyzing, creating, and producing it just wants to sit back and observe.

This creates a problem for a blogger. How does a blogger write a blog post when one’s mind refuses to talk?

The obvious answer is this: a blogger blogs about having nothing to blog about.

Which is sort of like comedians. They travel the world for a living and, therefore, have no real life, so therefore, all their jokes are about airports, plane rides, and hotel stays. Or about the guy who heckled them during their last show.


I think I used to have a bigger heart for the lost, or maybe I was merely naive or doubting and searching for validation. If I could convince someone else to believe in Jesus and to offer their life to Him in appreciation for the sacrifice He made for us, it would prove He was more than a fairy tale in my head. It would prove His message was true and He was real.

“Convince me to become an atheist.”

Yes, this Christian girl crashed an atheist website and posted the above on their forum. I obviously didn’t want to be convinced, I wanted to convince the atheists that they were wrong. When they found out I wasn’t interested in atheism but instead had come to evangelize about Jesus, things got ugly. I don’t remember all the nasty words they threw at me, but “manipulative” and “dishonest” were among them, and they were right.

I also had to learn the hard way that some will pretend to be interested in your faith, seemingly hanging on to every word as if they are on the cusp of understanding, only to use your faith against you as a manipulative vehicle into your heart. If you are naive enough to let them in, much damage can and will be done. In fact, entire lives can be wrecked.

And finally, there is America, the land of free thinkers and home of the foolishly brave. I’ve had discussions with my generation about Jesus and faith, and they always seemed to amount to little more than the dull clanging of hardened hearts.

So many of us are too sophisticated to believe in simple stories. In order to believe, we complicate that which was meant to be simple in order to make ourselves feel smarter and somehow more justified in our belief.

“This universe is so infinitely complex, there are no simple answers.”

“It’s never black and white. It’s gray.”

But what if the answer is simple?

And what if the question isn’t multiple choice, but simply true or false, black or white, darkness or light?

Rather than manipulate you into thinking what I want you to think; however, I’ll just tell you what I think.

I think we are making it too complicated.

I think we are over-thinking.

I think we are afraid of appearing simple-minded.

I think we’ve been too damaged by this world to believe in a God whose motives are simple. (Strange that it feels like such a risk to accept God’s simple gift.)

And finally, I think I’m done convincing. It’s not my job.

My job responsibilities are actually quite simple:

1) Choose
2) Trust
3) Obey
4) Let God take care of the rest
5) Rest

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:30 (NIV)