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Monday I touched upon how bloggers need to be careful not to “steal” pictures off the Web lest they find themselves face to face with an email that says, “You stole my picture. Prepare to be sued.”

I also mentioned how I’d recently discovered Wikimedia Commons, and asked readers if they knew of any other good sites for free pics. Serendipitously, Joel Friedlander dropped Three Photo Tools for Author Bloggers into my Google Reader today (via RSS feed). The tools he cites are,, and Google’s advanced image searching capabilities.

Click on the image to go to Photo Pin.

As well as providing helpful tips for each tool, he also links back to one of his previous posts, 4 Incredible Free Sources for Photos to Use in Your Book or Blog, which provides even more helpful tidbits. Don’t forget to scroll through the comments, where you will find an extensive list of free sites provided by Cathi Stevenson.

Very helpful indeed. Thanks to Joel and Cathi for doing the legwork!