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With the construction of the Creation Museum in Ohio, it’s obvious some high profile people believe in a (roughly) 6,000 year old earth and are more than willing to put their money where their mouths are. And not just lay people. Scientists, doctors, chemists, biologists have subscribed to the new earth model.

Maybe it’s my Darwinian indoctrination, but I still have a hard time believing it. Thus, if I’m being honest, I have a hard time taking the Creation Museum seriously.

One argument I hear for the new earth is that God created the world with fossils, tree rings, layers of ice and algae sediments to make it “look” like the earth had a long history. One such argument I read recently ended with the supposition that God even did so on purpose to fool scientists.

God Tells the Truth

God can do anything he wants, but the Bible teaches me He’s consistent and unchanging. It also teaches me He is all about truth.

“Fooling” and “truth” don’t seem to go together. If I’m basing my opinion on what the Bible tells me, I have to conclude He’s not about “fooling” people into believing anything, but rather He aims to reveal truth.

Okay, okay. I admit it. I don’t believe God created the earth in six literal days. Though, again I concede that he can do anything He wants to.

What I do believe is…

Time is relative, and

Symbolism is not a man-made invention. It’s a literary device we borrowed from God.

Christians can argue about the finer points. Did Noah’s flood cover the whole earth and thus create the Grand Canyon as the waters receded? But to me, it seems a waste of time, even more so if the discussion leads to divisions in the church. Not only that, I think it’s important for Christians to look at all evidence objectively rather than trying to fit it into box, and we need to be confident enough in God not to fear the conclusions the evidence point to.

We have a much greater purpose–to take the message of Jesus to all corners of the world. We can’t do that if we’re standing around quibbling, trying to prove something which, at this point, is unprovable.

Finally, the Jews thought Jesus came to be a literal king, but God had a much bigger plan—a great story to unfold, a symbolic act of love that would resonate through the ages and serve as a beacon for all who are lost.

God’s DVR

DVRI imagine God has a cosmic DVR, and one day we’ll all be able to sit back in our easy chairs and watch how the creation of the world really unfolded. I fully expect to be surprised.

Still, I don’t think he did it in six twenty-four hour days. My personal opinion.

What’s yours?