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Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation Review

I’ll start off this review by reminding you of my skin type. I am oily (very oily). At forty-three going on forty-four I have my fair share of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and large pores (well, I’ve always had those). If you are normal or dry you may have different luck with Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation.

This foundation was so easy for me to review. Why? Because it was free!! No, they did not gift me a free bottle of foundation. I simply went to the Estee Lauder makeup counter at Macy’s and asked for a sample. The lady (Associate? Representative?) was very kind and quickly asked me to have a seat so she could color match me. Then she came at me with a new-fangled contraption that she informed me would determine my shade of foundation.

No worries, the contraption was not scary. I didn’t even have to remove any of my makeup. The machine itself was about the size of a TV remote. She cleaned it with some alcohol and then pressed it against my forehead, cheek, and neck. I informed her that I thought the foundation I was wearing was too dark, and that I wanted the foundation to match my neck. She assured me that it shouldn’t be a problem, and she was correct.

When I first dabbed the foundation onto my skin, I was happy to see it indeed matched the skin tone on my neck, thus, there was no need to spread product onto that sensitive area of my skin to avoid the dreaded chin demarcation. (You know what I mean, right? That line on along the chin that happens when your foundation is too dark? Not a good look.)

I applied the foundation with a sponge. (I’m old school, I still use a wedge.) I was able to stipple or swirl the makeup and it did not cake, nor did it streak. I really have nothing negative to say about the application. It also held up to its name. Despite my very oily skin, it truly stayed in place. After twelve hours of wear, it did not slide down my face or puddle up in areas. No, it did not keep me from getting oily, but I’ve given up on the hope of any product truly reducing or eliminating my shine.

The only slight criticism I have is that late in the day, I feel it did make my fine lines appear more pronounced, particularly the lines around my chin and between my eyebrows.

At $42, it is a pricier foundation (although I’ve seen much worse), however, I believe it is worth the money. And, since they color match you and provide you with a 3-4 day sample, it is hard to go wrong.

All in all, I give this Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place foundation a 10 out of 10!

Let me know if you’ve tried it and whether it was a thumbs up or thumbs down for you!

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