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I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. Stayed home from work and tried very hard not to do anything. It seems the only way I can keep my brain from stewing about how I will accomplish all the tasks spread before me is to sleep.

I did a lot of that today. Sleeping, that is. But ironically, from about 2:00 – 5:00 this afternoon, I dreamed in story snippets. I would dream a scene and then cut, and move to another. It was more interesting as I was experiencing it, but it’s a bit boring in the telling. (Aren’t all dreams that way?) Point being, the brain doesn’t want to stop. If I’m not putting together a literal puzzle, I’m piecing together virtual puzzles in my alpha state.

Despite my vow not to accomplish anything today, I did manage to throw together a rough writing schedule for the rest of the year. If all goes well, I will publish a woman’s fiction novel in July 2014 and another science fiction novel in January 2015. I wanted to get the scifi out by December, but let’s be real.

If I do manage to get three novels out this year, it will because God has given me supernatural powers. I’ve yet to receive my invitation to join the Wonder Twins so…


Make no mistake about it, self-publishing is an exhausting endeavor. Everyone’s talking about Hugh Howie and the Tsunami of Cash and I pretty much want to tell him to stick it.

Most fiction writers would have better luck generating revenue with this product (I have no idea what it is and am in no way endorsing it.):

When it comes to making any cash from fiction writing, most of us will simply have to work slowly, and steadily, and diligently, not knowing for years whether this deal is ever going to pan out. And maybe it never will.

But those of us crazy enough to stay in the fiction writing game will do so, if only because our brand of crazy involves a certain type of OCD that won’t let us quit writing without experiencing eye twitches and other various bodily tics, some of which may or may not be attractive. Tweet This (I haven’t counted the characters to see if it will fit. If you do tweet it, you will have to copy and paste because I don’t have that fancy plug-in. It’s kind of like having to bag your own groceries at the grocery store, isn’t it?)


Book Pimp

If you would like to contribute to the wave spreading across the United States that is also known as Jessica E. Thomas’ awesomesauce new novel, click here. (Applesauce not included.)

p.s. Please allow me to apologize for the fact that when you Google my novel’s title “This Quiet Tyranny” a picture of a woman’s thong-butt comes up. I have no idea what the image has to do with the title of my book, but it does remind me that I need to work out. (Why even bother with a thong, really? Is it a standard of decency in some circles? A show of “modesty”? Don’t bother answering that. I don’t think I want to know. I know enough. Thong underwear is uncomfortable. That’s what I know.)