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Before I say anything else, I want to make it clear that I am not a theologian. Some of the material I post on this blog may not be as well thought out as I or my readers would like. (I’m thinking as I type. In other words, I have not spent hours researching this “essay”.) If something I say sounds out-of-whack, always check the source (The Bible). I do not claim infallibility.

Thank you for reading my disclaimer. 🙂 Please be kind to me. I’m only human. Of flesh and blood I’m made. Human. Born to make mistakes. (I’m also a child of the eighties.)

There’s a teaching going around in secular and Christian circles. It goes something like this: God loves you. God loves everything about you. He chuckles when you mess up. He doesn’t bat an eye when you curse the driver who just cut you off. After all, you’re only human. God created you, and He thinks you are pretty keen. THE END.

Let’s dissect what I just said and divide truth from lies.

1. God loves you. (TRUE!!!)
2. God loves everything about you. (False. God does not love your sin.)

Actually, I think I’ll stop right there.

I hate to divide people into groups of left and right, but it is helpful in some instances. On the far left of Christianity (so far left, I hesitate to call it Christianity), we have people like Jim Palmer. He says stuff like this:

You have also been fed a lie about yourself that will ultimately destroy you. The lie says you are bad and worthless, irreparably flawed, defective and unacceptable, and undeserving of love and acceptance, even from God. I’m here to say that’s not true, and I’m asking you to believe me. Even when everything in your head or everything n your life seems to be evidence of the lie, I’m asking that you believe me instead.

I’m going to be gone soon, and I need you to get this because I need your life to be that invitation as mine was. You are as much a gift to the world as I am, and I want you to accept and own that for yourself. –Jesus (according to Jim Palmer)

Pure lies are easy to spot. Lies mixed with truth? Much harder. Honestly, in the short half hour I have to write this post, I can’t dissect all the misinformation and in some cases blatant lies in the above quote. If someone would like to help me do that in the comments section, I’d be much obliged; however, let me reduce what Jim Palmer seems to be saying down to this: You are not a sinner.

And that’s just a lie.

We don’t like to be called sinners. It hurts. Until we accept the truth, and then the truth sets us free.

When I realize and accept that I am a sinner, it sets me free from the unfruitful business of trying to work my way into God’s good graces.

The truth is not that “you are as much a gift to the world as I (Jesus) am”, but that God loves you so much that He sent His son to die for you even though He knows you will never measure up to His standard of perfection.

Thankfully, God doesn’t expect me to be perfect like He is perfect. He knows I could never achieve it. So He graciously let me off the hook and sent me a savior.

I don’t have to fret over my jerky behavior. (I do need to apologize for it when I realize I’ve done wrong. Sorry…we don’t just get to be jerkwads…)

When I *should* fret is when I begin to think I never do anything wrong. If/when that happens, I can know for certain I’ve taken my eyes off Jesus.

When I’m looking upon Jesus as He truly is—the perfect lamb—my own blemishes become all the more glaring in comparison. And that’s a good thing.